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NavXzy® Technology Stack


Either deployed within the client's infrastructure, or hosted in a cloud based environment.  Enables rapid scalability, instantly accommodating usage demands:

  • Cloud Based: Deployed in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. 
  • Scalability: The JEE-compliant application architecture allows for deployment in a load balanced, automatically scalable, geographically distributed, completely monitored AWS infrastructure or JEE cluster.
  • Versioning-friendly: Architecture enables the application to address multiple business experiences within a singularly managed, maintained and versioned environment. 


NavXzy Decision Engine & Data Management Tool

4-Tier Java EE-compliant web-based architecture based on RESTful web services certified and deployed in a JBoss cluster:

  • Web Tier: RESTful web services venting JSON strings to the presentation tier.
  • Services Tier: Implemented using Spring, aggregating all the data access tier calls and implementing all the required business logic to prepare the data for the web tier. 
  • Data Access Tier: Uses Hibernate to implement all the CRUD operations and communicate with the data tier. 
  • Data Tier: RDBMS data layer implemented using a MySQL cluster. 

User Interface (Presentation Tier)

Built in Single Page Application (SPA) architecture to dynamically generate HTML content on the browser-side, based upon data provided by the web tier.

Analytics Engine

4-tier engine that analyzes the required, filter data, whereby execution is triggered either real-time (web service) or batch mode (agent-based).

Security Services

Enterprise-strength security model enabling access to resources based upon settings within the Data Management Tool.

Architecture diagrams, services integration & more available via, or through your SagePoint representative.  For Terms of Use related to applications of the NavXzy Platform, see PlatformTermsofUse.