insight thru decision science


NavXzy® Platform Rollout

SagePoint Solutions Group encourages you to discover the business value of leveraging our patented decisioning platform. During a time-boxed effort, our knowledge engineers are prepared to show:

  1. How intentions-based goals produce highly relevant product results, contextual coaching & data analytics. 
  2. Rapid deployment enabled by our proprietary Data Management Tool (DMT), whereby the timeframe from engineering to final-product is effectively instantaneous.
  3. How a white-labeled version of our platform could look & feel for your customers, data analysts & marketing professionals.

Clarity of Value

Using the platform's Data Management Tool, we will prototype a sample of your organization's content, making it highly relevant to each customer. 

A Behavior Flow Diagram will detail the customer experience, documenting  analytic byproducts produced from customer behavior.

Ease of Use

We will assess our white-labeling process in light of your business goals, clearly outlining how the platform can be leveraged to seamlessly align with your existing technology & databases.

We will work with you to identify user-authentication & login protocols, such that the experience becomes seamless for your customers. 

Power of Solution

We will focus on NavXzy®  Data Analytics, shaping them for your organization's business development & strategic efforts. We will look for opportunities to append your existing Data Analytics Ecosystem

Exploring a Partnership


SagePoint Solutions Group is prepared to treat these tasks as business development, at no risk to you. 

A four-week, time-boxed effort establishes:

  • Use case with the target domain
  • Customer audience
  • Intentions
  • Example contextualized marketing
  • Sampling of digital content
  • Data analytics
  • Business value / ROI

Let's begin today.


From Personalized Engagement to Personalized Marketing, NavXzy® harnesses proprietary, patented methods to respond to today's customer. To convert the me-focused consumer, we leverage real-time personas to isolate look-alikes. Illuminate your Data Lake with intentions, psychographics & deterministic attributes, all anchored around your products & services. Leverage our transparent, statistically sound algorithms to market to those most likely to convert. 

Let's explore how you can derive value thru NavXzy®  starting today!