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NavXzy® Psychographic Analytics

More than demographics, beyond social generalizations, companies need to own customer DNA. From behavioral type and emotional drivers, to determinant attributes that distinguish underlying nuances of the buy, psychographic data reveals the WHY behind customer behavior, not simply the WHAT.

Rather than relying on black-box algorithms to suggest commonality between customers, NavXzy® clusters by leveraging a similarity index that is mathematically auditable & fully transparent in its results. 

Isolating Customer Moments-of-truth at Scale

Product-centric Clusters

By applying dissimilarity coefficients to Refined Product sets, NavXzy® builds clusters of product-centric customers. Proprietary algorithms expose recurring behavioral and psychographic concepts, including Intention, Driver and Determinant Attribute.*

*“A determinant attribute does not have to be the most important attribute but it is the attribute that the consumer uses to ultimately distinguish one service offering from another.” (Botha, Bothma & Brink)

Real-time Personas

NavXzy® reveals cognitively-related customers. Rather than mathematically average similarities to generate "median nobodies," our medoids represent living, breathing personas that react to news, economics and cultural / social influences. Our real-time personas are never dated or stale — they are never, as customer-experience guru Mark Hurst has noted of fictitious personas, a misguided investment.**

**Hurst warns, "Every hour spent considering what an imaginary person would want from a product, or how they would react to a decision, could be spent observing how actual people do react, and what they do want. Relying on fictional people to guide a decision is a lot like ignoring customers altogether, except it costs more." (Customers Included, Hurst and Terry).

Exposing Behavioral Type

Customer Journey

The journey from awareness to consideration to purchase differs among customers. Some online customers know what they're seeking, others learn as they go, or simply browse. Recognizing that Strikers differ from Researchers & Explorers, NavXzy® alerts the need for marketing urgency — or the need to educate, incent or nurture.

Behavioral Type Matters

By capturing deep pre-conversion intelligence, NavXzy® accelerates customers to commitment. Through  behavioral type, engagement becomes personal, non-threatening and desirable. 

Spiraled Intelligence

Removing Noise

Our Data Analytics are built upon auditable insights: anchor data benefits your entire data ecosystem. Leverage NavXzy® to correlate and enhance your Data Lake, and reveal causality to your blackbox recommendations — or flag transparency risk where causal influence cannot be validated.

"The call for algorithmic transparency has grown in intensity as public and private sector organizations increasingly use large volumes of personal information and complex data analytics systems for decision-making."

—J. Podesta, "Big data: Seizing opportunities preserving values"

Whether you've built internal Machine Learning, or integrate with AI capabilities such as IBM's Watson, our anchor insights infuse meaning into data set analysis. By harnessing real-time personas, NavXzy® feeds auditable, customer-based parameters into your Big Data analytics.

Our patented approach goes far beyond demographic & geographic indicators to isolate Behavioral characteristics (Intentions, Buying Style, and Responsiveness to Marketing) as well as Psychographic traits (Personality, Attitudes & Values, and Determinant Attributes).

"After years of criticism, Facebook announced that it would stop allowing advertisers in key categories to show their messages only to people of a certain race, gender or age group." (Facebook Halts Ad Targeting Cited in Bias Complaints, NY Times, March 20, 2019)

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