insight thru decision science


NavXzy® for Boomers & More

Driven by algorithms that reach the highest degree of relevance — and smart enough to recognize that level-of-care & medical needs trump wants — our Solution for Active Living behaves like a personal concierge. Whereas constraint-based technologies narrow recommendations with each click, NavXzy® mirrors human cognition: it assesses the whole picture, recognizing that complex decisions should not be linearly reduced.  

Beyond returning the most relevant active & assisted living communities, NavXzy® delivers market links based on user-stated intention. For example:

  • Golf clubs for the active adult
  • Self-monitoring health equipment to maintain independence
  • Pet products or services for those with four-legged family members
  • Financial products to reflect budgetary & wealth goals

In each instance, the platform reaches highly qualified users — at the precise time they are in the frame-of-mind to buy.

Use Cases of NavXzy® for Active Living

For Developers & REITs

Our intentions-based analytics provide a treasure trove of insight regarding users’ explicitly-stated wants & needs — not guesses based solely on disparate, implicit indicators.

To fully enable this solution, our in-house knowledge engineers amassed the most comprehensive community database in existence. With information obtained directly from active & assisted living providers, the database surpasses government & leading commercial efforts — both in breadth & depth. This insight becomes invaluable to developers, as well as investors in REITs that fund development.

John Petrides of Point View Wealth Management has recently said, "This is a sector of the REIT market that is not being arbitraged away by the New Economy.... No impact from Airbnb like the hotel REITs. No impact from technology like the office REITs. Boomers have arrived. They will need a place to live.”


For Financial Advisors

Life decisions have financial repercussions. Consequences result when decisions are made without fully recognizing financial impact. Studies report that 30% of senior living move-ins are misaligned — by level of care, monetary concerns, buyer remorse and more. Boomers are confronted with a spectrum of active-living & care-related choices. Made in a vacuum, these decisions directly affect an advisor’s ability to manage and grow wealth. 

Through NavXzy® for Active Living, making smart decisions doesn’t need to be hard. At the heart of this offering is a decisioning tool that encourages clients to address challenges — life-changing or daily — in a structured, enjoyable way. Whether accessed through an advisory company’s URL, or explored side-by-side with an advisor, this solution brings user-centricity to the forefront. Each client experiences the promise of relevancy. 

Under the hood, client DNA reveals relationship insight. Navi is about personal connections: relationship management at its best.


Sample Intentions

Upon pursuing a handful of goals which can be readily modified, consumers access products, services, education & feedback — all  engineered to reflect personal intent, and to uncover what drives decision-making in the senior living space.


Take a Test Drive!

Try our B2C application of this solution at Imagine drawing users to your eCommerce brand by offering them:

  • A personalized experience of locating active living that best meets their situation.
  • Ability to share findings with loved ones and professionals such as care advisors, financial / tax advisors, and more.
  • Goods & services perfectly aligned with their lifestyle, well-being, care, financial & future goals. 

Through its simple interface, users state intentions, demonstrate buying disposition, and reveal behavioral type. All the while, customer DNA is etched into the underlying analytics — allowing you to harvest attributes & marketing nuances that drive sales across product lines. 

Enjoy insights at the individual, cluster & aggregate levels. For merchants looking to entice-and-satisfy their boomer-demographic base, Navi4ActiveLiving offers the opportunity to build brand awareness, influence brand purchases, and secure consumer loyalty. We're ready to show you how to white-label this solution today.