insight thru decision science


NavXzy® User Interface

The User Interface (UI) within NavXzy® isolates cognitive intent, reveals Emotional & Analytical drivers of customer behavior, then delivers personalized results & coaching. By exposing the all-important WHY, NavXzy® goes far beyond WHAT customers are seeking. 

Intentions-based Design

Trading Chaos for Clarity

Insight is not happenstance. It is not magically amassed from data chaos. Rather, knowing a customer requires engineering that encourages interaction. By tapping constructs of behavioral science, the UI within NavXzy® provides a user-friendly yet robust experience all while building the DNA of each customer.

Industry Agnostic

The sample UIs shown represent 3 diverse use-cases / domains:

  • Personal Finance
  • Senior Living
  • Project-based Learning

Contextual Marketing

Energize Action

Since customers demand assistance at point-of-engagement, it's critical to respond with coaching, education & buying incentives throughout their journey. Leveraging tenets of Decision Science & Behavioral Science, Contextual Marketing within NavXzy® is instantaneous. Nurturing & impactful, it motivates customers to pursue related products.  

Elevate Response

Contextual Marketing within NavXzy® increases intelligent interaction with consumers by serving-up precise, relevant and targeted content, with a focus on opportunistic products — those brand offerings that uniquely satisfy needs, but that the customer may not know to pursue otherwise.

DNA-driven Personalization

Hot Product Marketing

Whereas the Results Engine delivers most relevant & relevant products for each search, the Analytics Engine refines products based on ontology-based insight across searches. Real-time, Refined Products are delivered from the Analytics Engine back to the UI in the form of Hot Product Marketing.

Lead with the Most Likely

Of everything a customer reveals via intentions, of all the products responsive to a customer's goals, the holy grail is the one-or-two products nearest to desire to buy.

NavXzy® lets you lead with the most likely, and appropriately leave the others behind.