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NavXzy® Personal Finance Solution

Big Data & predictive analytics provide only hints of what customers need. Leading with predetermined products fails to foster relationships.

Through NaviXpanse, financial institutions deliver on the promise of personalized results. By capturing intent from customer-stated goals, NaviXpanse responds with unmatched clarity to deliver a customer-centric experience.

Insight, derived from proprietary analytics, influences customer recommendations, isolates customer psychographics and crafts personas real-time — all while strengthening the data ecosystem at the heart of today's Marketing & Product Development efforts.   

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Upon pursuing a handful of goals which can be readily modified, consumers access your products, services, education & feedback — all  engineered to reflect personal intent. 



From behavioral type and emotional drivers, to underlying nuances of the buy, psychographic data reveals the WHY behind customer behavior, not simply the WHAT.

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Discover the business value of leveraging our patented decisioning platform.